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For those who’ve lived with depression or anxiety for far too long without relief, NeuroSpa’s Vertically Integrated Psychiatry (VIP) program offers a comprehensive plan to assess and address mental health issues and bring you the best course of treatment. Plan your free consultation to learn more about what NeuroSpa VIP can do for you.

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The journey to feeling like yourself again is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

STEP 1: The Evaluation

As a VIP patient, you’ll begin with a full, insurance-covered psychiatric evaluation to assess your mental health issues and to recommend the best course of action to get you back into a healthy state.

STEP 2: Course of Treatment

Our team of medical professionals will determine the best treatment plan for you, including the possibility of TMS, Ketamine, medication management, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or a combination to help address any issues and/or diagnoses identified during the psychiatric evaluation.

STEP 3: Continuous Monitoring

Throughout your care with us, our team will continuously monitor your response to ensure improvement and adjust the course of treatment as needed.

Why NeuroSpa VIP?

As one of Florida’s top and most experienced providers of depression and anxiety treatment, NeuroSpa TMS has surpassed national averages when it comes to positive improvement and full remission of depression and anxiety symptoms. With over 30,000 treatments administered and an incredible 81% overall improvement rate, NeuroSpa TMS is well equipped with the experience to employ a wide range of therapies and treatments to address your needs from a variety of angles. 

Our VIP Program utilizes a full spectrum approach, under one roof, to ensure the best opportunity to improve your mental health. NeuroSpa patients undergoing a personalized VIP plan will have access to full, comprehensive care through our range of treatment options, these elements of may include:


Our Patients See Significant Improvement in Their Symptoms


of NeuroSpa TMS Patients Achieve Remission

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TMS Therapy

Functional MRI Targeting

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Nutrition Counseling

Blood Work

Sleep Evaluation

TMS Therapy

All Included in the TMS Plus™ Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Simple but effective, CBT is an insurance-covered therapy that targets depression, anxiety, negative thinking and insomnia through a workbook-based educational therapy program administered and monitored by our licensed psychologists, with regular check-ins from our staff to ensure maximum positive improvement.

Nutrition Counseling

A healthy diet has been shown to increase energy and improve overall mood. Our registered dietitian will provide regular nutritional seminars to help patients set and reach health lifestyle goals which, when used in coordination with TMS Therapy, become heightened for speedier improvement.

Blood Work

During your initial evaluation, our Physicians will determine if blood work would be beneficial to rule out biological factors to depression like thyroid function or a vitamin deficiency. If any underlying issues are found, our physicians will recommend appropriate supplements to help correct any deficient biological contributors.

Sleep Evaluation

As a part of the initial evaluation, our medical staff will determine if insomnia is related to a patient’s mental health or if other biological factors, like sleep apnea, are affecting sleep. If no biological factors are found, we will track sleep symptoms throughout treatment, which helps improve your overall mental health results.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

For those who qualify, TMS is a proven, FDA-cleared therapy using magnetic stimulation to naturally reactivate brain activity to its natural, healthy state in those with major depressive disorder, anxiety & insomnia. The treatment is non-invasive, covered by all major insurance companies and provides a higher success rate than talk therapy and medication.

Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine isn’t for everyone and should not be considered as a first-line treatment. However, for a minority of those suffering from severe clinical depression—characterized by intense feelings of sadness, tearfulness, emptiness or hopelessness, self-harm, chronic insomnia or suicidal ideation—ketamine has been shown to be a fast, safe and effective alternative for over 50 years.

Healing at Your Own Pace

NeuroSpa VIP is customized to meet your needs, both in treating issues and in your day-to-day schedule. We strive to provide full access care as timely as we are able to help you get your mental health back on track as quickly as possible. Additionally, our team will work with your insurance providers to determine what elements of the program are covered by your insurance plan. If your insurance provider does not cover program elements, we offer cash pay protocols and have the ability to offer financing.

FDA Approved & Covered by Insurance

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Full Remission From Depression


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What They're Saying

Learn how our patients have found happiness and healing through NeuroSpa TMS’s VIP program, in their own words.

Your Best Life Begins Today

Live a Depression Free Life With The Help Of NeuroSpa TMS® Therapy

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TMS Therapy is Highly Effective, Fast and Has No Proven Side-Effects

Your Best Life Begins Today
Live a Depression Free Life With The Help Of NeuroSpa TMS Therapy
Skip The Side Effects
TMS Therapy is Highly Effective, Fast and Side-Effect Free

Get to Know Dr. Upshaw

Dr. William Nate Upshaw is the Medical Director at NeuroSpa TMS® and is a pioneer and advocate for this treatment for depression and depression-induced anxiety. Dr. Upshaw received his medical training at the University of Florida and Tulane University School of Medicine. After getting his doctorate at Tulane, he attended the University of South Tampa where he obtained a degree in Psychiatry. Dr. Upshaw received his training in TMS therapy shortly after the treatment was cleared in 2008, and has been a strong advocate for treating patients who need it most.

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