What is TMS PLUS™ ?

As a leader in providing TMS Therapy treatment, NeuroSpa TMS® exceeds the national remission and effectiveness rates for patient outcomes. However, new research has shown that combining other treatment elements to TMS, we can improve a patient’s chance at remission or response even further. NeuroSpa TMS® is pleased to announce the rollout of its TMS Plus™ Therapy program at all locations. Our TMS Plus™ program is inclusive of traditional TMS Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Nutritional Counseling, Blood Work, Sleep Evaluation and Functional MRI Targeting.

NeuroSpa TMS® Is An Industry Leader In TMS Therapy, Beating The National Averages

Why We Are Unique

As one of Florida’s premiere mental healthcare providers, we take pride in offering the most comprehensive range of services and benefits, in person or through telemedicine.


Our Patients See Significant Improvement in Their Symptoms


of NeuroSpa TMS® Patients Achieve Remission

Other Mental Health Facilities

Long Wait Times

Basic Care

Appointments available within Days

Covered by Most major Insurance


Functional MRI Targeting

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

TMS Therapy

Ketamine Therapy

Nutrition Counseling

Blood Work

Sleep Evaluation

All Included in the TMS Plus™ Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a simple, but effective, educational therapy program targeting depression, anxiety, negative thinking and insomnia supervised by our licensed Psychologists. Each patient receives a workbook used during their TMS treatment, with regular check in’s from our staff, to maximize clinical outcomes. 

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition counseling is provided to promote healthy diet changes which have been shown to increase energy and improve overall mood. TMS Therapy increases neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to make new healthy connections) which can supercharge dietary changes. Our registered dietitian will provide regular seminars and can help patients to set and reach nutritional goals.

Blood Work

During a patient’s initial evaluation, our Physicians will determine if blood work would be beneficial to rule out biological contributors to depression, such as problems with thyroid function, or a vitamin deficiency. If any problems are found with a patient’s blood work, our Physicians can recommend appropriate supplements to help correct any deficient biological contributors.

Sleep Evaluation

As a part of the initial evaluation, our Physicians will determine if insomnia is related to a patient’s mental health or if other biological factors are affecting sleep such as sleep apnea. If biological factors are ruled out, we will track sleep symptoms throughout treatment, which should improve the results of the TMS Therapy.

Functional MRI Targeting

While most patients improve with TMS, studies have shown that patients who do not respond to TMS may have small variations in their brain structure or connectivity that render the usual treatment spots less effective. Functional MRI targeting allows us to fine tune the treatment location for those who need it in order to offer the best chance at remission. 

Neurospa TMS® is pleased to be on the leading frontier of TMS providers in the country with the offering of TMS Plus™, and will continue to push the boundaries in order to make sure that all patients are provided with the safest most effective therapy possible. A better quality of life awaits you at Neurospa TMS®. 

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