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Get to Know Dr. Upshaw

Dr. William Nathan Upshaw is the Medical Director of Neurospa TMS®. Ever since his first encounter with a TMS chair in 2010, Dr. Upshaw was not only inspired by its remarkable potential but insatiably determined to provide this breakthrough therapy to as many people as possible. Dr. Upshaw has received advanced training in psychodynamic psychotherapy at the Tampa Bay Institute for Psychodynamic Studies, and has received official certification in TMS and ECT therapy from the MUSC Health Institute of Psychiatry. Today, Dr. Upshaw’s holistic experience in the field has transformed him into one of Florida’s leading advocates for widespread accessibility to TMS therapy.

As Few as 5 Weeks to Become Your Best Self Again

Sit back in our Neurostar TMS chair, relax, and let our skilled experts do the rest.

In less than 20 minutes, magnets will begin to cure your depression.

Visit us for 6-8 weeks, and watch your new life unfold.

Your Best Life Begins Today
Live a Depression Free Life With The Help Of NeuroSpa TMS Therapy
Skip The Side Effects
TMS Therapy is Highly Effective, Fast and Side-Effect Free

NeuroSpa TMS Is An Industry Leader In TMS Therapy, Beating The National Averages

TMS Plus™

As one of Florida’s Leading TMS providers, NeuroSpa TMS® continues to surpass national industry standards.

In an effort to elevate our patients’ success with FDA-cleared TMS Therapy, we’re proud to offer TMS Plus™, a unique program that brings the best known combination of elements together for an enhanced treatment experience.

A holistic approach to mental health treatment, TMS Plus™ boasts a research and outcome-backed Blend of Cutting Edge Treatment Methods in order to offer our patients the best chance of remission.

Fortunately for many, TMS is covered by most major insurance companies, Medicare and TRICARE.


Our Patients See Significant Improvement in Their Symptoms


of NeuroSpa TMS Patients Achieve Remission

Other TMS facilities

TMS Therapy

Functional MRI Targeting

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Nutrition Counseling

Blood Work

Sleep Evaluation

TMS Therapy

All Included in the TMS Plus™ Therapy

5-6 weeks is all it takes.

Your journey to happiness begins with us today, at Neurospa TMS.

Excited to get your life back

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