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Your Best Life Begins Today

Live a Depression Free Life With The Help Of NeuroSpa Therapy Centers

Skip The Side Effects

TMS Therapy is Highly Effective, Fast and Has No Proven Side-Effects

Your Best Life Begins Today
Live a Depression Free Life With The Help Of NeuroSpa TMS Therapy
Skip The Side Effects
TMS Therapy is Highly Effective, Fast and Side-Effect Free
  • NeuroSpa TMS saved my life. If I could give more than 5 stars I would. I just had my last session today and will say that the journey was totally worth it. The technicians made the experience that much better. Jenny, Danni & Olivia are all amazing. They ask how you are doing and really care about y... Read More
  • Amazing Doctor & staff...this treatment has been life-changing!
  • Great Great experience. Dr. is very welcoming. Technician Olivia, Danni, and Jenny are great to work with. Seems to have made quite a difference to me.
  • I'm so grateful that I was led to NeuroSpa for healing. During a time when anxiety and depression was so overwhelming that life seemed dim, and hard to live I found them. I was drawn to Ketamine treatments because of it's record in building new pathways in the brain. New pathways that would lead me ... Read More
  • I didn’t feel like this place gave me the care I needed. A young person such as myself who is suffering with anxiety and depression and in need of a professional that I can follow-up with.
  • I have nothing but positive feelings regarding my experience with the South Tampa Neurostar location. Dr Upshaw is attentive, caring, knowledgeable and has helped me through a difficult time in my life. The office staff, Danny and Kensy (hope I spell their names correctly!), are fantastic! They are ... Read More
  • The staff here is AMAZING! Everyone I have talked to is incredibly nice and very knowledgeable about the whole experience. I’m about to hit my half way point and though the change isn’t drastic, I can still notice little things that would bother me before that either aren't a problem or is isn... Read More
  • This place was amazing. The Lakeland office was the closest one to me, but I still had to drive over an hour each way to get there first thing in the morning. I was always tired, depressed, unsure if all this effort was worth it. I was feeling very fragile. But the team there took care of me like I... Read More
  • I've been getting TMS treatment for just over a month. Had 23 of my 36 treatments so far. The staff of Kaylee, Nathalie and Dr. Grimsich have been very friendly and they have always been on time, and many times started my treatment before scheduled appointment. I've had no difficulty with the treatm... Read More
  • I don't normally write reviews but I was so impressed by how quickly and efficiently I received help from NeuroSpa TMS that I had to share my experience. I had my first appointment within days of the first time that I called. I had previously tried several other places but was told that while they w... Read More
  • Very Professional staff. The TMS treatment, for me, worked. I was in a dark place when I first started the treatment. Within the first month, I started to notice my anxiety and fear levels dropping. I felt like the cognitive blockage within my mind space was lifting. After a few more treatments... Read More
  • The team here was/is phenomenal! Always pleasant, professional, and attentive! The whole experience was relaxing, no pain involved, and I was in and out each day like clockwork. It's 19 minutes a day, so quick and easy, like quicker than grabbing a bite to eat somewhere. TMS has really helped me f... Read More
  • I have had such a great experience at this office! Cristina and Hailey are always so amazing and welcoming! They make a great team! I enjoy each appointment I have. I feel so supported and am so blessed to be going to such an amazing office! If I could give 10 stars I would!
  • Christina is always pleasant to deal with, thank you for all your hard work!
  • Very knowledgeable and professional. The personnel are kind and caring and have a genuine concern for the welfare and health of the patient. They really helped my wife's mental and emotional health. She is much improved, and I highly recommend them.
  • My first therapy session was yesterday & I am super impressed with my therapist Aleia. With the appointment being virtual it didn’t feel that way because she made me feel very comfortable, listened along w/ giving her own input! Super impressed & highly recommend
  • The TMS center in Brandon, FL is wonderful. The stars of this center really are the front line staff that is with you every step of the way. Montana and Kathy are the most fabulous people to work with during TMS treatment. These lovely ladies are always so courteous & considerate of everything. Whet... Read More
  • I really can’t say enough about the exceptional staff at the Brandon NeuroSpa clinic. Cathy and Montana are VERY good at their jobs and equally important in my opinion, they are both very kind, warm, and go above and beyond to make sure that each patient in the clinic feels comfortable and at eas... Read More
  • Great care, great doctors, great treatment.

Here's What Local Doctors and Therapists Are Saying About TMS Therapy

Dr. Carlos Garcia

Clinical Psychologist

"I learned about TMS from a colleague who had a patient undergoing the treatment. I decided to do a bit of research on my own and met with a few clinics in the Tampa area to learn more. I quickly started to see the value of this treatment to improve depression symptoms in individuals who don’t respond to first line treatment."

Nichole Coyne

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

"Depression is a complicated and ever growing diagnosis that does not always show improvements with medication. TMS Therapy is a non-invasive and low symptom alternative that can provide alleviation to those who are suffering with depression. TMS has demonstrated significant notable results that can be effective and beneficial to patients overall well-being. I believe that this alternative treatment greatly benefits the appropriate candidates who are seeking alleviation without the use of medication."

Dr. Andrea Yarbrough

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

"TMS is non-invasive, effective, and requires no medication which reduces side effects. I love that! Depression and pelvic floor dysfunction are highly correlated. I have a lot of clients that are depressed because of their symptoms. I love all mutli-dimensional approaches!! "

Dr. Connor Oliveri


"This is a safe solution that has proven benefits and no addictive properties. The side effects from medications that address depression often affect the daily life of individuals. This therapy avoids those side effects and also achieves great results."

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