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Pinellas Park

Tara Tyler



Dallas, Texas

Favorite Color

green. no wait, I mean blue. No, green, it's definitely/probably green or blue.

Favorite Number


Favorite Quote

"Faith is a bird that feels the dawn breaking and sings while it's still dark." - Rabindranath Tagore

I am a registered dietitian who loves the outdoors, delicious food, my two rabbits and being with my family.


How did you get introduced to TMS therapy?

my favorite colleague 🙂

Why did you decide to focus on mental health and treating depression?

I believe that health and wellbeing is connected – mind, body and spirit all working together.

What would you say to someone who’s never tried TMS Therapy?

Why not?

How is Neurospa setting up the standard about mental health in your eyes?

The food we eat is foundational to health and wellness – working with a team that recognizes the importance of nutrition is exciting!

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