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Renee Alexander

TMS Technician



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I was born and raised in Sarasota Florida. I have a wonderful and supportive husband and 2 amazing children. I am an avid Tampa Bay Lightning fan. I also love animals and spending quality time with my family.


How did you get introduced to TMS therapy?

My Aunt has had successful TMS treatment in the past.

Why did you decide to focus on mental health and treating depression?

I come from a family that have members that struggle with depression. Working in a field that focuses on the treatment of depression and psychological disorders has helped me understand what they are going through and how to help them towards recovery.

What would you say to someone who’s never tried TMS Therapy?

Try It! Your Depression can only get better. It can’t hurt your situation.

How is Neurospa setting up the standard about mental health in your eyes?

In my opinion, NeuroSpa has some of the kindest and most empathetic staff and technicians. Having staff members that connect with patients on a personal level is vital to the mental health industry. So many places out there have staff that is cold and seemingly uncaring. NeuroSpa really wants to walk with patients through treatment and get them on the road to recovery quickly without compromising patient care.

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