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Pinellas Park

Katy Dunski

TMS Technician


Chicago, Illinois

Favorite Color

Pastel Pink

Favorite Number


I would describe myself as a dedicated, detail oriented person who strives for success and always finds the silver lining in any situation. I take pride in my hard work and will always assist others when they’re in need of help.


How did you get introduced to TMS therapy?

I was introduced to TMS therapy when I first moved to Florida in 2019 and started working for a psychiatrist office in St. Petersburg that started offering TMS therapy to their patients along with medication management.

Why did you decide to focus on mental health and treating depression?

I decided to focus on mental health and treating depression because it’s always been of interest to me since taking my first psychology class in high school. My family and friends have suffered from depression and anxiety and it’s motivated me to work with individuals who are suffering from the same/similar mental disease. Once I was introduced to TMS therapy, I felt like I found my passion working alongside patients administering treatment that has more of a natural approach.

What would you say to someone who’s never tried TMS Therapy?

I would inform this person of what TMS is, the benefits that come from TMS therapy and the positive feedback that I’ve heard from others who have completed this treatment. I would mention that it is a great treatment option that offers life changing benefits.

How is Neurospa setting up the standard about mental health in your eyes?

Neurospa is setting up the standard about mental health in my eyes by bringing comfort to the topic and letting people know that it’s okay to not feel okay, and to ask for help when you need it. I feel like Neurospa is working towards ending the stigma of mental health and is paving a new approach to treating depression and anxiety.

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