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Pinellas Park

Kathleen Meehan

TMS Technician


Long Beach, NY

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I am a 24-year-old TMS Technician here at NeuroSpa. I love animals, especially dogs! I received my Masters of Science in Psychology from Saint Leo University. Outside of work I love going to the beach. One of my favorite things about living in Tampa is being able to try out a new restaurant/coffee shop every week!


How did you get introduced to TMS therapy?

I learned about TMS therapy in school but was officially introduced when the psychiatrists office I worked at started offering it. I immediately found my passion working with TMS patients. I decided I wanted to focus on TMS only, which is how my journey with NeuroSpa began. I have now been a TMS Technician for 2 years and could not imagine doing anything else.

Why did you decide to focus on mental health and treating depression?

I decided to focus on working in mental health and treating depression because I believe that mental health is just as important as physical health. We work hard everyday to take care of our bodies, but our minds need that same kind of love too. Working in the mental health industry has been an incredible experience. It has encouraged me to take better care of myself and to also stress the importance of mental health to my friends/family.

What would you say to someone who’s never tried TMS Therapy?

To someone who has never tried TMS Therapy, I would say to be patient with and trust the process. It is a beautiful thing to be able to use modern science/technology to change lives. Our team here at NeuroSpa is dedicated to help guide all of our patients through their treatment, with needs tailored to each individual. We are here for every step of the way.

How is Neurospa setting up the standard about mental health in your eyes?

The standard that NeuroSpa has set up about mental health in my eyes is that asking for help is not a weakness, but a strength. It can be scary asking for help, however, the strength I see in my patients motivated to beat their depression is incredible. We provide a safe space for our patients to find those strengths. Here at NeuroSpa, patients are not just a number, but a life that we are striving to change. The quality of care makes all the difference and NeuroSpa is definitely making that difference.

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