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Citrus Park

Karen Sardina

Accounting Manager


Hollywood, Florida

Favorite Quote

"Be the change you want to see in this world."

I was born and raised in Florida, one of the few. I have 2 girls 26 and 27. I am at the gym everyday and love to powerlift but hate cardio which is an unnecessary evil. I love adventure and traveling. I am an adrenaline junky. I am Certified scuba diver – love the ocean


How did you get introduced to TMS therapy?

Through the executive team at Neurospa.

Why did you decide to focus on mental health and treating depression?


What would you say to someone who’s never tried TMS Therapy?

Try it to see the difference it makes in peoples lives, it is amazing. It’s a holistic approach to medicine which I feel is much better than the prescription medicine with damaging side effects.

How is Neurospa setting up the standard about mental health in your eyes?

It’s changing lives and eliminating the need for prescription medicine

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