SPRAVATO® is the first FDA-approved nasal spray specifically for adults with treatment-resistant depression (TRD). Used alongside an oral antidepressant, this potent supplementary treatment has been shown to quickly and effectively treat major depressive disorders (MDD) including acute suicidal ideation or behavior.

SPROVATO® Nasal Spray


Unlike common antidepressants, which treat depression by increasing levels of neurotransmitters in areas of the brain that affect mood, and traditional Ketamine treatment, which requires an intravenous drip, SPRAVATO® uses a concentrated nasal spray to target the NMDA receptor, and is believed to work differently than currently available prescription antidepressants. The result is fast, effective relief from severe symptoms of major depressive disorder (MDD).

Is SPRAVATO® Right for You?

SPRAVATO® is only for adults suffering from severe symptoms of major depressive disorders, like suicidal ideation and behaviors, or those experiencing treatment-resistant depression, a condition which can only be evaluated and diagnosed by qualified medical professional. If you’ve tried two or more preliminary depression treatments, like talk therapy and prescription medications, or more advanced therapies like TMS or standard Ketamine therapy without sustained relief or positive results, SPRAVATO® may be right for you. 

What's The Process?

It all begins with a full, insurance-covered psychiatric evaluation to determine whether SPRAVATO® is an appropriate treatment option for you. If you have been diagnosed with TRD, and have tried two or more treatments without success, SPRAVATO® may be recommended. Our certified technicians will then discuss the treatment process and important safety risks in full detail so you are aware of what to expect. 

During treatments, you will be expected to administer SPRAVATO® nasal spray under the guidance of one of our many qualified clinicians who will show you how to use the spray properly. After administering, you’ll be asked to rest comfortably while our staff monitors you for any side effects. After two hours, our technicians will conclude the session and you’ll be free to be on your way.

Getting Started...

If you or someone you love has tried two or more antidepressants without success, are living with treatment-resistant depression (TRD) or suffer from major depressive disorder, SPROVATO® nasal spray may provide you the relief that you’re looking for.

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