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Get to Know Dr. Upshaw

Dr. William Nathan Upshaw is the Medical Director of Neurospa TMS®. Ever since his first encounter with a TMS chair in 2010, Dr. Upshaw was not only inspired by its remarkable potential but insatiably determined to provide this breakthrough therapy to as many people as possible. Dr. Upshaw has received advanced training in psychodynamic psychotherapy at the Tampa Bay Institute for Psychodynamic Studies, and has received official certification in TMS and ECT therapy from the MUSC Health Institute of Psychiatry. Today, Dr. Upshaw’s holistic experience in the field has transformed him into one of Florida’s leading advocates for widespread accessibility to TMS therapy.

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TMS Therapy in South Tampa

If you suffer from depression, we urge you to consider Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or TMS therapy, from NeuroSpa TMS®. This cutting-edge form of depression treatment could be the answer you’ve been looking for when it comes to finally relieving your symptoms. TMS treatment has helped the majority of our patients live the life they might not have thought was possible. Six in 10 of our patients say they are in complete remission, while almost 90 percent report a substantial reduction in their symptoms. TMS may help not only people with anxiety related to depression, but also PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, related to depression.

These numbers are far higher than the national average, and there are two main reasons why. The first is that NeuroSpa TMS® staff members are highly skilled in providing TMS therapy. The second is that they administer effective, precise treatment.

How Does NeuroSpa TMS® Provide TMS Therapy?

We use sophisticated TMS equipment that delivers safe, gentle magnetic pulses through the patient’s brain, stimulating nerve cells found in the brain’s prefrontal cortex. These pulses don’t cause any sort of discomfort whatsoever. Patients remain calm and relaxed throughout their treatment session.

The purpose of TMS treatment is to restore balance to the brain. In a nutshell, when people have depression, most of the activity in that specific area of the brain is dormant. TMS reactivates that area of brain instead.

Research shows TMS is effective as a form of depression treatment because it affects the way that the brain’s neurotransmitters work. This helps people see a significant reduction in the symptoms they have to endure.

In a lot of cases, people suffering from depression often have to take powerful medication, as well as go through counseling. Many people who undergo TMS depression therapy find they no longer have to do either.

If you’re dealing with the debilitating effects of depression, please talk to a caring, friendly expert with NeuroSpa TMS®. We’ll be happy to tell you more about TMS treatment, and how it might help relieve you of your symptoms.

Does Insurance Pay for TMS Therapy for Depression?

There’s a good chance that in your specific situation, the answer to that question will be, “yes.” However, there are a lot of factors that will determine whether or not you’ll be covered. Most major insurance providers, such as Medicare, TriCare, and many others, will cover TMS for depression. The best way to know for sure will be to contact NeuroSpa TMS® in South Tampa, FL. We’ll tell you if you’re covered, and walk you through your different payment options.

Please make that call as soon as you can. It could very well be the first step toward complete recovery.

TMS for Depression, Anxiety and PTSD

Whether you have depression on its own, or anxiety/PTSD related to depression, it’s an overwhelming experience. However, there’s a good chance TMS treatment could help. Here’s some information on how TMS can treat these different disorders.

Depression Treatment and TMS

The effects of depression can be terrible, making it seem almost impossible to perform even the most basic daily tasks. Most people think the effects are only emotional, but they can also be physical. When someone suffers from depression, they can have feelings of anxiety on a regular basis, or seem to be irritable all of the time. They can also have body aches that come out of nowhere.

When someone feels they may be suffering from this disorder, a doctor typically won’t diagnose depression until the person has dealt with symptoms for at least two or three weeks. You shouldn’t hesitate to speak with a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a therapist, or another professional as soon as possible. If you do receive a diagnosis of depression, just remember it’s more common than you may think. It’s estimated that one person out of six experiences depression at one time or another.

In some cases, people who seek counseling or take medication may still suffer from the symptoms of depression. If you’re one of them, please give us a call at NeuroSpa TMS® in South Tampa, FL. It might be exactly what you need to get rid of your symptoms for good.

There is a chance that TMS could make it possible for you to be able to stop taking powerful medications for your depression. TMS is a form of depression treatment that has been successful for our patients at NeuroSpa TMS®. Approximately 60 percent of them say they’re in total remission, while 90 percent of them report a substantial reduction in their symptoms.

TMS for Anxiety Related to Depression

The number of people who have to deal with anxiety is staggering – in the United States, it’s about 40 million. Anxiety usually develops due to a sudden source of stress that a person doesn’t anticipate happening. The mind and body have a hard time dealing with that stress as a result. You may have anxiety if you can’t control your thoughts, you have trouble sleeping, or you regularly experience fear, stress or panic.

There are a lot of ways doctors provide anxiety treatment. These often include cognitive behavioral therapy, prescription drugs, and others. Traditional forms of anxiety therapy are often successful. In some instances, though, they don’t work. The results of TMS as a treatment for anxiety related to depression are promising. Although insurance doesn’t cover this specific form of treatment for anxiety alone, the experts with NeuroSpa TMS® in South Tampa, FL, can let you know your options.

TMS for PTSD Related to Depression

When most people think of PTSD, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a soldier who’s gone through a horrible battlefield experience. While it’s true that PTSD does strike a lot of members of the armed forces, it can affect people who’ve never held a gun in their lives. Any sort of traumatic experience can lead to PTSD – it could be a car accident, an assault, or something else.

People with PTSD typically deal with the following symptoms.

  • An inability to avoid thinking about the traumatic experience.
  • Sudden, aggressive outbursts.
  • Doing anything possible to escape the memories of the trauma.


Research indicates that TMS could be an effective method for treating depression related PTSD. Treatment for PTSD by itself is not currently covered by insurance, but a professional with NeuroSpa TMS® in South Tampa, FL will be happy to speak with you about your potential options.

Meet NeuroSpa TMS® Medical Director Dr. William Nate Upshaw

Dr. Upshaw has a great deal of knowledge regarding TMS, and has been a major advocate of the depression treatment since 2008, the year it received FDA clearance. He earned a degree in Psychiatry from the University of South Florida and a doctorate from Tulane University School of Medicine. He also underwent medical training at the University of Florida.

Please Contact NeuroSpa TMS®

NeuroSpa TMS® in South Tampa, FL is a peaceful, calm setting that many of our patients liken to a spa. Your treatment sessions will be painless and safe, and you’ll immediately be able to get back to your daily routine. Get in touch with us online or call (813) 605-1122.


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