Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Neurological Treatment Offers New Hope for Medication-resistant Depression

Want to beat depression for yourself or a friend?

Do you want to beat depression for yourself or a friend? At Neurospa TMS® 53% of patients beat depression within 5 to 6 weeks. We are here to take the journey with you.
W. Nate Upshaw, MD

W. Nate Upshaw, MD

Dr. William Nathan Upshaw is the Medical Director of NeuroSpa TMS®. Since receiving training from the inventor of TMS Therapy nearly a decade ago, Dr. Upshaw has been a pioneer, champion and outspoken advocate of TMS Therapy. Dr. Upshaw’s holistic experience in the field has transformed him into Florida’s leading advocate for widespread accessibility to TMS Therapy.

About Dr. Upshaw

Neurospa TMS® and Dr. W. Nate Upshaw receive a spotlight in a recent article by Carrie Seidman for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. She shared the story of a woman named Gloria whose worsening case of depression and anxiety led her to TMS therapy. Seidman covered how Neurospa TMS® came to be, the process of receiving treatment, and how the team practices the safe revolutionary treatment.

To read more about Gloria’s road to recovery, click here.

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