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As Florida’s leading provider of TMS Therapy, we partner with local health professionals in order to help with their patients mental health’s needs while delivering top quality service and care, exclusive access and benefits, and dedicated assistance for your patients and practice.

NeuroSpa TMS® Is An Industry Leader In TMS Therapy, Beating The National Averages

At NeuroSpa TMS®, 81% of patients see significant improvement with their symptoms of depression in just 5-7 weeks. After years of seeing patients conquer their depression with TMS Therapy alone, the NeuroSpa TMS® medical team discovered that patients have a higher chance of remission when additional treatment modalities are performed in conjunction with their TMS treatment. For this reason, we created TMS Plus™, a unique program that introduces additional components in combination with TMS therapy to improve the life of those seeking recovery from their depression.

Benefits of Joining NeuroSpa TMS® Partner Program:

Why Doctors & Therapists Should Join NeuroSpa TMS® Partner Program?

We partner with health professionals to help them with patients who’ve tried different treatment plans that haven’t worked before as they may be eligible for TMS Therapy covered by their insurance company. We provide the best care for your patients. If you are exploring new treatment options for your patients who have tried other courses of treatment, and feel like nothing is working, TMS Therapy could be their solution to a better, healthy life. 

TMS therapy treats depression and anxiety using modern technology by targeting neurological problems at the source, without the use of medications and unwanted side effects. With 81% of patients seeing significant improvement in their symptoms, and 53% of patients achieving remission, Medical Director, Dr. Nate Upshaw and the NeuroSpa TMS team are helping those with refractory depression find a safe solution they can trust.

Our established partner program works with your office and keeps you updated with your patients’ progress. Help your patients skip the side effects and begin their road to recovery today!

6 Reasons To Refer Your Patients to Neurospa TMS®:

Why We Are Unique

As one of Florida’s premiere mental healthcare providers, we take pride in offering the most comprehensive range of services and benefits, in person or through telemedicine.


Our Patients See Significant Improvement in Their Symptoms


of NeuroSpa TMS® Patients Achieve Remission

Other Mental Health Facilities

Long Wait Times

Basic Care

Appointments available within Days

Covered by Most major Insurance


Functional MRI Targeting

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

TMS Therapy

Ketamine Therapy

Nutrition Counseling

Blood Work

Sleep Evaluation

All Included in the TMS Plus™ Therapy

Dr. Upshaw Partners with Tampa Mental Health Professionals to Complement Treatment Using TMS Therapy

Meet The Medical Director: Dr. William Nathan Upshaw, MD

Dr. Upshaw, an expert and outspoken advocate for TMS Therapy, has extensive experience in the field which has transformed him into Florida’s leading advocate for widespread accessibility to TMS Therapy. Upon receiving training from the inventor of TMS Therapy nearly a decade ago, Dr. Upshaw has been advocating for this revolutionary treatment ever since, helping patients struggling with depression rediscover a depression-free life and happier tomorrow.

A fellow Tampa local, Dr. W. Nate Upshaw is the Medical Director of NeuroSpa TMS® who’s passionate about helping our community strive to live a happier healthier life. Dr. Upshaw is here to help you with patients that currently struggle to find a depression medication or treatment plan that effectively works for them. 

Want to become partners with Dr. Upshaw? Schedule a doctor to doctor meeting to learn more about TMS.

Will TMS Therapy Be A Good Fit For My Patients?

We partner with health professionals to help them with patients that have tried other depression treatments without success. If this is the case for any of your patients, we’re here to help.

TMS Therapy is a depression treatment that is medication free, safe, FDA-cleared and has helped millions of patients beat depression. When you become a part of the NeuroSpa TMS® Partner Program, your patients will be eligible for priority screening.

If your depressed patients are not getting better with their current course of treatment, and you become part of the NeuroSpa TMS® Partner Programyou will gain access to priority screening and care for your patients to experience TMS therapy. 

Patients who can highly benefit from and are good candidates for TMS Therapy are the following:

  • Patients that have been diagnosed with depression or other mental health disorders, like anxiety and PTSD.
  • Patients that struggle to find a form of therapy or treatment plan that effectively works for them.
  • Patients that are covered by health insurance, Medicare or TRICARE.

Friends of NeuroSpa TMS®: What Local Doctors & Therapists Are Saying About TMS Therapy

Dr. Carlos Garcia

Clinical Psychologist

"I learned about TMS from a colleague who had a patient undergoing the treatment. I decided to do a bit of research on my own and met with a few clinics in the Tampa area to learn more. I quickly started to see the value of this treatment to improve depression symptoms in individuals who don’t respond to first line treatment."

Nichole Coyne

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

"Depression is a complicated and ever growing diagnosis that does not always show improvements with medication. TMS Therapy is a non-invasive and low symptom alternative that can provide alleviation to those who are suffering with depression. TMS has demonstrated significant notable results that can be effective and beneficial to patients overall well-being. I believe that this alternative treatment greatly benefits the appropriate candidates who are seeking alleviation without the use of medication."

Dr. Andrea Yarbrough

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

"TMS is non-invasive, effective, and requires no medication which reduces side effects. I love that! Depression and pelvic floor dysfunction are highly correlated. I have a lot of clients that are depressed because of their symptoms. I love all mutli-dimensional approaches!! "

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