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Ketamine therapy is a safe, fast and effective alternative for those who haven’t found the relief they’re looking for through talk therapy, prescription medication or TMS alone. Learn more today by filling out this confidential form.

Is Ketamine Right for You?

While extraordinarily effective, ketamine isn’t for everyone and should not be considered as a first-line treatment. However, for a minority of those suffering from severe clinical depression—characterized by intense feelings of sadness, tearfulness, emptiness or hopelessness, self-harm, chronic insomnia or suicidal ideation—ketamine might be the necessary treatment.

When to Consider Ketamine Therapy

How Does Ketamine Work?

How It Started

Discovered in 1956, ketamine was originally developed as an anesthetic but has proven to be incredibly successful beyond its original use, treating everything from severe depression to pain and even seizures.

The Science Behind Ketamine

With depression, the brain is unbalanced and inactive in mood and emotion-regulating regions. At low doses, ketamine enhances glutamate production—the system that allows neurons to communicate— reactivating activity by helping to build new connections, or synapses, between neurons, and quickly reducing depression symptoms.

Discover the Benefits

Ketamine has been found to help unbalanced brain activity return to its natural, healthy state. While relatively new in its use for depression, studies have shown ketamine to have an incredible 75% success rate in short-term remission of depression symptoms.

Ketamine Therapy at NeuroSpa TMS®

Experiencing ketamine therapy is as simple as laying back and letting it do its work. There’s nothing else to “do”.  Just relax and enjoy the experience, and within a minute you’ll begin to feel the therapeutic effects of the ketamine taking effect.

Enter a calm, secure setting where you’ll recline or lay down under the comfort of a weighted blanket.

Enjoy an eye mask and noise cancelling headphones with music tailored to evoke a peaceful, meditative state.

You will then be administered a low-dose ketamine IV, along with vitamin supplementation to make your experience as

smooth and effective as possible

Sessions are twice per week for 2-3 weeks.

Meet Dr. Obregon

Originally trained as a neuroscientist studying Autism Spectrum Disorders and Neuroinflammatory conditions, Demian F. Obregon, MD, received his Bachelor of Arts In Chemistry degree from the University of South Florida, his Doctorate of Medicine, General Psychiatry Residency and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship from the University of South Florida, where he researched potential disease-modifying treatments for degenerative and neurodevelopmental disorders. His broad clinical background focuses on treatment-resistant mood, anxiety, PTSD and neurodevelopmental disorders, and includes extensive experience in psychiatry, addiction, transcranial magnetic stimulation and ketamine therapy.

With over 13 years of experience, Dr. Obregon is a specialist in the safe integration of Ketamine to correct underlying risk factors and maximize response and remission of depression symptoms. Many of Dr. Obregon’s patients have previously found little or no relief from traditional psychiatric medications or counseling, but experienced dramatic improvement with ketamine treatment.

A highly published neuroscience expert with multiple prior academic roles, accolades, patents and certifications, Dr. Obregon joined NeuroSpa in 2019 as its second medical director. Recognizing the potential TMS and ketamine therapy hold for transforming lives, Dr. Obregon brings a deep rooted research background alongside a forward-thinking and comprehensive approach that integrates psychiatry, psychology, medicine and genetics with a focus on exercise, nutrition and overall holistic wellness for an optimized lifestyle. 

Functional Medicine

At Neurospa, we believe in a holistic, integrative approach that identifies and addresses not just the neurological, but also physical, root causes of a mental health condition. Our aim is to promote the best practices to increase the chances of faster, more pronounced and longer-lasting depression and anxiety relief—that’s why we encourage our patients to learn more about incorporating supplemental vitamins and minerals into their primary therapy under the close administration and observation of our certified clinicians.


We’ve partnered with WholeScripts to bring you a range of 8 essential supplements to help you get the most out of your treatment.”

Take the Next Step

If you’re experiencing severe clinical depression symptoms, please contact us today to begin your ketamine therapy. You don’t have to continue suffering, NeuroSpa is ready to help you back on the road to recovery.

NeuroSpa Therapy Centers is a proud member of the Clinical TMS society as well the American Society of Ketamine Physicians, Psychotherapists & Practitioners

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