Feature: Is It a Panic Attack, or COVID-19?

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Do you want to beat depression for yourself or a friend?
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The current COVID-19 pandemic has brought lots of turmoil to nations all over the world, and as a consequence, it has caused a large number of individuals to feel overwhelmed by the influx of news regarding the virus. Many have been quick to jump to conclusions even with the slightest physical inconvenience. With so much information at the tip of our fingers, it’s not hard to think of the worst possible outcome.

However, some people confuse the symptoms of COVID-19 with those of a panic attack. While it’s important to take care of our physical health during these uncertain times, it’s crucial we don’t forget to take care of our mental health as well. Dr. Upshaw is here to talk about staying calm and when to know whether you’re dealing with COVID-19 symptoms or anxiety.

Take a look at what he had to say here:

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