Better days are on the horizon. Your road to recovery is Just a Step away.

STEP 1: Qualify for TMS

If your current or previous treatment plan for depression hasn’t worked for you, you could qualify for coverage.

STEP 2: Begin Treatment

Sit back, relax in a spa-like environment and let our skilled experts do the rest.

STEP 3: Watch Your New Life Unfold

Say goodbye to prescription medications and harmful side-effects. Visit us and watch your new life unfold.

How TMS Therapy Works


TMS is a revolutionary treatment that uses a highly targeted non-invasive magnetic Pulse to stimulate nerve cells in the area of the brain that controls depression called the left prefrontal cortex. The Magnetic Pulses have a positive stimulating effect on the neurotransmitters of the brain, reducing symptoms of depression.


Similar in strength to an MRI machine, our TMS therapy chair delivers non-invasive magnetic stimulation directly to targeted areas of the brain, painlessly and in the comfort of a peaceful environment.


88.5% of patients respond positively to the treatment, while 59% maintain remission with no systemic side effects.

Get to Know Dr. Upshaw

Dr. William Nathan Upshaw is the Medical Director of Neurospa TMS®. Ever since his first encounter with a TMS chair in 2010, Dr. Upshaw was not only inspired by its remarkable potential but insatiably determined to provide this breakthrough therapy to as many people as possible. Dr. Upshaw has received advanced training in psychodynamic psychotherapy at the Tampa Bay Institute for Psychodynamic Studies, and has received official certification in TMS and ECT therapy from the MUSC Health Institute of Psychiatry. Today, Dr. Upshaw’s holistic experience in the field has transformed him into one of Florida’s leading advocates for widespread accessibility to TMS therapy.

What To Expect

At NeuroSpa TMS®, comfort and patient satisfaction through treatment is our number one priority. Gone are the days of prescription medication and side effects.

From the moment you enter our office, you will feel the difference. Our welcoming staff and soothing atmosphere feels more similar to a spa than a clinic. Treatment rooms are outfitted with relaxing lights and your choice of music, making your 19-minute treatment a peaceful, welcoming escape.

When your treatment concludes, your healing process is well underway. Go back to work, pick up your kids from school, or head to the gym- normal activities can be resumed immediately after treatment with no downtime at all.

TMS Therapy Stimulates Positive Brain Activity

While the exact cause of the depression is not known, the leading scientific theory is that it is caused by an imbalance of the brain’s neurotransmitters, which are chemical messengers that send signals between our brain cells.

A PET scan measures vital functions such as blood flow, oxygen use, and blood sugar (glucose) metabolism. (Shown on the image here)

TMS therapy works to restore healthy neurotransmission to the affected area of the brain where these chemical imbalances exist, resulting in positive brain activity.

Your Best Life Begins Today

Live a Depression Free Life With The Help Of NeuroSpa TMS® Therapy

Skip The Side Effects
TMS Therapy is Highly Effective, Fast and Side-Effect Free
Your Best Life Begins Today
Live a Depression Free Life With The Help Of NeuroSpa TMS Therapy
Skip The Side Effects
TMS Therapy is Highly Effective, Fast and Side-Effect Free

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