Authority Magazine Feature: 5 Things Anyone Can Do To Optimize Their Mental Wellness, with Dr. W. Nate Upshaw

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Want to beat depression for yourself or a friend?

Do you want to beat depression for yourself or a friend?
At NeurospaTMS 75% of patients beat depression within 5 to 6 weeks.

We are here to take the journey with you.

As part of an Authority Magazine series documenting ways to optimize your mental wellness, NeuroSpa TMS’ own Dr. Upshaw sat down with Beau Henderson to talk about the importance of nutrition, interaction, physical activity and more for improving your mental health.

“Your diet has profound effects on your sleep, energy, and mood. Always be improving it. Eating healthy is so important that nutrition counseling is part of our practice. As patients begin to feel better, they make healthier food choices, which in turn helps them feel even better.”

Discover the rest of Dr. Upshaw’s tips and tricks by reading the full article, here: 



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